Bernedoodle Traits

The Bernedoodle is a mixed breed and so it inherits different traits from its parents; the Bernese mountain dog and the poodle.

The Bernese mountain dog is known for being hardworking, loving, calm and fond of children.

The poodle is renowned for being highly intelligent, playful and fun.

The extent to which the Bernedoodle will inherit the characteristics of its parents depends to some extent on how it was bred.

A bernedoodle puppy will inherit the traits and characteristics of its parents

Bernedoodle traits and generations

As discussed in our article on the history of bernedoodles, the Bernedoodle is a mixed breed so it can get quite complicated to determine which generation a certain dog is. This will depend upon the breeding history of the individual dog.

If a Bernese mountain dog is bred with one of the different sizes of poodle this is known as the F1 generation i.e. the puppy will be 50% of each breed.

If the F1 generation is bred with a poodle then the resulting puppy will be 25% Bernese mountain dog and 75% poodle. This is known as an F1b generation.

If two F1 generations are crossbred this is known as an F2 generation.

This generally means that F1b generations will have more characteristics of a poodle so they are more playful than F1 generation dogs.

Individual personalities

As well as having inherited characteristics from its parents every puppy will have its own character, just like people do.

One of the main traits of Bernedoodles is that they are very affectionate and are a great dog to have around children.

They are very playful, generally quite easy to groom and also very intelligent.

It is important to train and socialize the Bernedoodle puppy when it is young. Bernedoodles are generally not aggressive but they thrive on lots of love and attention and can be difficult and anxious if they are on their own for any period of time.

So if you are thinking of getting a Bernedoodle be prepared to spend a lot of time with it and you will be well rewarded.

Does your bernedoodle have any particular traits? Let us know as we would love to hear from you!

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