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For a lot of dogs, the cold season might be a little too chilly for them to go out. Whether you want to keep your doggie warm or you want to protect them from the extreme cold while you’re going out, a dog coat is an ideal solution.

In today’s article, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know in order to land the best dog coat for your pooch. 

You can read detailed reviews later in this guide or check out our easy to use table below for quick reference.

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The Advantages of Buying a Coat for Your Dog

A dog coat is more than just an aesthetic outfit or a dress-up item for your doggie. When the winter season approaches, a good coat wrapped around your dog’s body might make the difference between a happy and an uncomfortable dog.

In this section, you’ll find all the different benefits and reasons why a dog coat is essential for your doggie:

Keep Them Warm in the Extremely Cold Weather

Of course, everyone knows that a dog coat, or any other coat, is designed to preserve warmth and protect from the weather.

Almost all dogs are designed to naturally adapt to their surrounding weather and handle normal ranges of cold weather. 

However, during the coldest months of the winter, the weather might be a little too much for even the hardiest breeds to cope with.

Dog coats are made to offer an extra layer of protection during these times, which keeps the dogs warm and cosy. 

This way, you and your dog can face the cold together and go on your daily walks uninterrupted by the cold weather.

Encourage Your Dog to Go Out in the Cold

Even if your dog doesn’t show obvious signs of feeling chilly, you might notice that they’re quite hesitant to take a step outside the house when it’s too cold for them.

Your dog will show obvious signs of discomfort whenever you try to take them out for a walk or exercise and they will be less likely to cooperate with you.

This can be quite an issue if your dog usually plays or wander outside because even when they prefer to stay at home during that time, they might still feel depressed.

Dog coats are designed to provide them with the warmth they need so that they can go out willingly and enjoy walking around in the snow.

Protective Measure for Dogs, Especially If They’re Sick

Biologically speaking, cold weather is one of the main factors that compromise the immune system and weakens it. The same thing happens to dogs too.

In the cold, the dog’s resistance is severely lowered and makes them much more likely to catch some diseases.

Similarly, an injured or infected dog is much more likely to suffer from the outcomes of a cold-weather than a healthy one, as the cold slows down their healing process.

Puppies and Senior Dogs May Not Be Able to Keep Themselves Warm

Puppies’ ability to handle the cold is quite less than an adult dog of the same breed. Even if your older dogs are able to withstand the cold weather, their youngs might lack the developed dense fur and internal fat deposits needed to cope with the chill.

Besides being super adorable, a dog coat would help the puppies stay comfortable during the winter and avoid getting sick in this critical period of their life.

Additionally, the dogs’ ability to handle the cold might be slightly impaired as they grow older, so you might want to get them a coat to help them withstand the cold.

Encourage your dog to go out for a walk
Encourage your dog to go out for a walk

Features and Aspects to Keep in Mind While Buying a Dog Coat

While shopping for a dog coat, there are some essential aspects and features that you need to keep in considerations if you want to land the ideal coat for your doggie. Here’s a brief overview of each one of them:

Materials: Durability, Comfort, and Insulation

The first thing you need to consider while buying any clothing item is the materials used in it. This is because the quality of the material will reveal a lot about its durability, comfort, and functionality.

In the dog coat case, the coats can be made of polyester, cotton, or fleece. Each one of these materials has some advantages that are more suitable for a specific need.

For example, cotton is fairly insulating but also quite comfortable, making them ideal for short hair or tiny dogs with relatively sensitive skin in mildly cold weather.

On the other hand, polyester and fleece might not be as soft as cotton but will provide your dog with the ultimate level of insulation. 

Polyester is also water-resistant and quite inexpensive, making it a good choice for buyers on a budget.

Some coats are designed to get your dog dry after they have got wet or had a bath. These are dog towel coats and are often made of high quality microfibre.

Design and Coverage

Some dog coats are designed anywhere from almost covering the backs of the dogs all the way to other styles that are made in an overall style that covers all their body including the paws.

The choice here isn’t only about personal preference but also about the weather. Of course, the more clothes your dog wear, the more uncomfortable and limiting it would be to them.

When choosing a dog coat design, your main priority is to provide protection against the weather without making your dog too uncomfortable.

For instance, a light coat would be enough for relatively chilly weather while an overall design would be more suitable for walks in deep snow.

Size and Measurement

Dogs come in all sizes and shapes. Most manufacturers make their coats in various sizes, so you have to make sure that they fit your dog properly.

Before making your final decision, follow the manufacturer’s sizing chart and measure your dog to make sure that it’ll provide your dog with a snug fit.

The 5 Best Dog Coats Available on the Market

Now that you know how to buy the best dog coat, you’ll be able to pick the ideal one for your doggie! Here are the 5 best dog coat options that you can find on the market.

Withu Cold Winter Dog Pet Coat


  • Available in 6 colours and 7 different sizes to suit different breeds
  • Back and side reflecting brims to keep the dog visible in dim light
  • Easy to put on and safe for a washing machine

Kicking off the list with one of the best dog coats on the market. Withu Cold Winter Coats are made of a blend of polyester and cotton, which offer both softness and insulation against the weather.

The design of the coat makes it quite easy to wear and the manufacturers offer 7 different size options for the coat ranging from x small to 3x large

Another cool aspect of the dog coat is that it looks quite nice on dogs. The retro design with upper quilted fabric is also waterproof to keep your dog’s body dry under the rain. The coat also has a reflective strip and a top zipper to allow you to use a harness on the dog.

The coat also has decent coverage over the dog’s body and the neck opening has a flexible rib design to keep the dogs head comfortable and well insulated against the wind.

The dog coat is easy to wash, safe for the washing machine, and compatible with a wide variety of dog breeds.


Weatherbeeta Parka 1200D Deluxe Dog Coat


  • Features 2 colour patterns and 6 sizes
  • Sturdy fabric and ideal for active dogs
  • Highly adjustable with touch tapes

If you’re looking for a premium and durable dog coat, you might want to check out the Weatherbeeta Parka Deluxe Dog Coat.

This one is made of a triple-weave 1200 Denier polyester outer shell, which is one of the toughest materials that will handle even the most active dogs.

Polyester is also waterproof and fairly breathable, which makes this one ideal for long walks under the rain.

The coat is easy to put on and highly adjustable with touch tape closures. Also, it comes in 6 different size options, which makes it suitable for an endless list of dog breeds.

The design features an extended collar that helps the warmth to spread through the dog’s neck and head.


Morezi Dog Raincoat


  • Excellent all over coverage
  • Waterproof materials
  • Easy to take on and off
  • Includes reflective strips

If you know you are going to be taking some walks in wet and wild conditions, then check out the Morezi Dog Raincoat.

The coat provides all over coverage including the chest, legs and belly, and it is made from high quality waterproof materials so your dog will stay nice and dry!

It is easy to take on and off, with a waterproof zip fastener on the back and openings on the leg and belly.

Choose the right size, and this coat will be a perfect fit and an ideal accessory for those wet winter (or summer) walks. It is available in several different colours.



  • Suitable for mild winter and prevents overheating.
  • Triple fabric construction to balance between comfort and insulation
  • Adjustable with a velcro tape

The IREENUO dog coat is another great option that comes at a great price and offers excellent protection against the wind and rain, all the while keeping your dog warm and comfortable.

It’s made of internal fleece lining that is soft to touch, a cotton interlayer to insulate your dog’s body and keep it warm, and an outer waterproof surface that will wick the moisture and keep your dog dry while having a walk in the rain.

The coat has no opening for the harness, but it’s slim enough to fit the harness over the coat.

This one is ideal for milder winters, as it has minimal coverage and protects the dog from overheating.


Ancol Highland Dog Coat


  • Highly affordable and reliable
  • Plaid vintage design
  • Very soft and silent fabric

Lastly, if you’re looking for an inexpensive option that still provides warmth and comfort, this budget-friendly option will pique your interest!

The Ancol Highland Tartan Dog Coat has a stylish plaid pattern with elastic rear straps that will look good on small and medium dogs!

The coat is available in 4 sizes and you can use both the front hook and loop and rear strap to get the ideal fit for your doggie. They’ll also stabilize the coat and prevent it from coming off while walking outside.

The fleece on the coat is both soft and insulating, which makes it a great option for mild to medium cold winters.


There you have it! A complete guide with everything you need to know so you can buy the best dog coat for your beloved pooch.

When choosing a dog coat, it’s important for them to be comfortable, soft, and provide decent insulation against the weather. 

Any of the dog coats above would make a great choice, although the Withu Cold Winter Dog Pet Coat is our favourite!

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