Best Hypoallergenic Dog Beds

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If your dog suffers from allergies, then a hypoallergenic dog bed can be a good idea to help them to get a good night’s sleep.

There is a great range of hypoallergenic dog beds available, and we have reviewed our top choices later in this article.

However, if you are in a hurry then you can use our at-a-glance table below.

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What is a Hypoallergenic Dog Bed?

Just like humans, dogs can be allergic to dust mites. Hypoallergenic is a term that is used to describe bedding that is safe for people (or dogs) with allergies.

This means that if your dog suffers from allergies, you should look for a bed made from material that will keep dust mites and mould away. There are plenty of factors to consider, but in general the best materials for these types of bed include memory foam, microfibre, 100% cotton and wool.

Several of our recommended hypoallergenic dog beds have a good quality foam mattress or inner, and these are particularly beneficial in reducing the risk of dust mites around. 


Foam is also the primary material used in orthopedic dog beds, so not only are they very comfortable, but the solid core structure of these mattresses make them impenetrable to dust mites.

A good example of this is the JOYELF Memory Foam Bed, which includes a memory foam inner as well as PP cotton to bolster the sides.

Style and design

Hypoallergenic dog beds can be any design, although we have found that rectangular shaped, soft beds seem to work best.

Sometimes, a good pillow bed is all that is needed as illustrated in the Lupo’s Nest Pillow Dog Bed which includes anti-allergy filling.

Remember, it is the material that the bed is made from that is most important!

As with all dog beds, it is important to choose a bed with a design that will fit in with the style of the rest of your house.

Although your dog won’t care about this, if you choose a bed you don’t like to look at then this will be an annoyance.


Dog beds can get quite dirty, so it is important to select a bed that is easy to wash and maintain.

Many hypoallergenic dog beds have a removable cover that is washable, although unlike some other dog beds it is unlikely you will be able to throw the whole bed in the machine.

Make sure that you wash the bed on a regular basis and follow the care instructions from the manufacturer.

Hypoallergenic Dog Bed Reviews

JOYELF Memory Foam Dog Bed


  • Quality high density foam mattress
  • Waterproof internal liner
  • Contemporary style
  • Bolstered sides support neck
  • Non slip bottom

We recommend the JOYELF Memory Foam Dog Bed as our top choice hypoallergenic dog bed for a number of reasons.

Firstly, it has a quality, high density foam mattress which helps to reduce the number of dust mites in the bed.

The foam mattress will also mould to the shape of your dog’s body, providing extra support and comfort during sleep.

The bed is made from high quality materials through with PP cotton in the bolster and the rubber-backed bottom of the bed prevents slipping on smooth and shiny surfaces.

A great choice for an orthopedic, hypoallergenic or just a high quality and luxury dog bed.


Petfusion Dog Bed


  • Solid 10cm memory foam base
  • Generously bolstered sides
  • Non slip bottom
  • Washable and waterproof cover

The Petfusion dog bed is another great choice with a solid 10cm memory foam base.

This not only provides comfort and support but also helps to reduce the presence of dust mites.

This bed has a very open design, as the generously filled bolstered sides are simply inserted into the memory foam base. 

It is easy to maintain, with a washable cover and is available in three different neutral colours.

The cover is also waterproof and tear resistant so should stand up to the strains of pet and family life.


On Paws ‘Sleep Easy’ Bed


  • Memory foam base
  • Premium orthopedic bolsters
  • Soft faux-suede cover
  • Provides excellent support

A third option is the On Paws Sleep Easy Bed, which also includes a memory foam base as well as premium orthopedic bolsters.

The foam does the same job as with the JOYELF and Petfusion beds, while the bolsters provide support and the outside cover is made from a soft, yet durable high quality faux-suede fabric.

This bed is available in 3 different sizes so will cater for most breeds, and is a great choice for both an orthopedic and / or hypoallergenic dog bed.


Lupo’s Nest Pillow Dog Bed


  • Pillow style dog bed
  • Includes anti-allergy filling
  • Available in several different sizes and colours

This is slightly different from the other dog beds included, as this is more of a pillow style dog bed for your dog to rest on.

It is great for dogs with allergies as the cushion fillings have been carefully selected to make the bed inhospitable to dust mites and therefore reduce allergy symptoms. 

The generous fillings mean that the pillow is nice and plump, and another feature is that the beds are tough and durable so designed to withstand chewing and biting.


There are now plenty of great options to reduce dust mites in your dog’s bed which will really help if they suffer from allergies.

There is not much to choose between the top-rated beds, although we really like the JOYELF Memory Foam Bed for the comfort and style it provides.

Whichever bed you choose, your dog should be able to relax in comfort!

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