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Many dog owners prefer to feed their dog with wet dog food, so we have prepared this useful at-a-glance table with some of our recommended options.

There are some more detailed reviews below, but this should be a great starting point!

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Ensuring that your dog has a healthy diet is one of the most important aspects of being a dog owner. But with so many different types of dog food available, how do you decide what to feed your pet?

The biggest decision you will probably have to face is whether to feed your dog with wet dog food or dry dog food. The main difference between them is that wet dog food contains more moisture, so this means that it helps to keep your dog hydrated.

However, this shouldn’t be the main reason you should use wet dog food, as your cat can easily get their hydration from elsewhere, from a dog water fountain or a simple bowl filled with fresh water.

Benefits of Wet Dog Food

High protein levels

Adult dogs require between 18-25% protein (a growing puppy will need more), and one of the main benefits of wet dog food is that protein levels are generally higher than in dry dog food.

A good quality wet dog food will have a high level of meat content, with low levels of filler such as grains or pellets.

This not only makes the food much tastier for your dog, it also provides them with the protein they require.  

Wet dog foods also usually include a lower level of carbohydrates as well as fewer preservatives. This is important as many preservatives in cheaper dog food would not naturally occur in your dogs diet.

Easier to chew

Another benefit of wet dog food is that it is easier to chew than dry food, so your dog will enjoy the process of eating. Wet dog food can also be better for dog if they have any problems with their teeth.

Wet dog food is also a great way to help keep your dog hydrated. It contains more moisture than dry dog food, so it can be good for dogs who require any assistance with their kidneys or urinary tract. 

It is very important to keep your dog hydrated, as laid out in our post on dog water fountains.

A further benefit of wet dog food is that it is easy to control the portion sizes. Many wet dog foods come in cans, pouches or trays so it is easy to give your dog just the right amount of food.

This avoids the problem of overfilling their bowl which is easy to do with dry food.


Finally, wet dog food can just be really tasty! There is a great range of wet dog food available in dozens of different flavours – so as well as the health aspects your dog can enjoy a really varied and tasty diet from wet dog food.

Wet Dog Food Reviews

We have scoured the market to find the healthiest, tastiest and best quality wet dog foods available. Read our reviews below:

Scrumbles Natural Wet Dog Food Multipack 6 x 395g


  • Natural and healthy ingredients
  • Packed with vitamins and minerals
  • Grain free recipe
  • Choice of 3 different flavours
  • Recyclable packaging

This mixed pack from Scrumbles is our top choice for wet dog food for a number of different reasons.

Firstly, it is made from 70% meat with high quality ingredients, so it is a food that your dog is almost certain to love. It is free from any additives which might be harmful for your pet, and it is packed with ingredients to help their overall health.

This mixed pack comes with a choice of chicken, salmon and turkey, and the grain free recipe helps digestion so it is good for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

This is not the cheapest dog food available, and it can work out quite expensive per pack.

However, the pack sizes are generous so it would be great as a treat or use this mixed pack to find their favourite flavour.


Pedigree Dog Food Pouches Mixed Selection in Gravy, 100g (Pack of 84)


  • High quality brand
  • Great selection of flavours
  • Great value mixed pack in easy open pouches
  • Nutritious and tasty food

Pedigree is another brand that is well known for producing high quality dog food, so you can’t go wrong with this great value mixed pack.

The pack includes a massive 84 pouches, with a combination of tasty flavours including chicken, turkey, beef and lamb with vegetables.

Each pouch includes nutritious food which is high in natural fibres, calcium and vitamin E. This means it will benefit your dog and help to keep their skin healthy.

A great all round choice for wet dog food.

Pedigree also provides a smaller 40 pack option, although sometimes it can work out the same price for the 40 pack as the 84 pack!


Forthglade Complete Natural Wet Dog Food – Brown Rice Variety Pack 12 x 395g


  • Very high meat content of 90%
  • Grain free recipe
  • Packed with nutrients and natural goodness
  • Made in Devon, UK

This mixed pack from Forthglade is another great option, as it has an extremely high meat content of 90% and is packed with natural ingredients and nutrients. 

This means that the food is a great source of protein and it is suitable for all dogs from 2 months plus.

The pack includes a selection of chicken, lamb and beef meals, and all food is made with a grain free recipe so it is a great choice for dogs with sensitive tummies.

Similarly to the Scrumbles mixed pack reviewed above, this food can be used by itself or as a complementary meal to dry dog biscuits. 

Another high quality option for a wet dog food.


Crave Chicken and Turkey Dog Food Pate – 300g (Pack of 10 trays)


  • Natural ingredients with a great flavour
  • Convenient tray design
  • Grain free recipe
  • High in protein

Our next selection is the Crave Chicken and Turkey Dog Food Pate, which comes in a multipack of 10 x conveniently packaged 300g trays.

This food is prepared as a pate loaf, rather than with chunks of meat, and it is high in protein with pieces of meat designed to help build strong muscles and keep your dog healthy.

The flavour of this food gets great reviews, and it is free from artificial flavours and colours. The grain free recipe means that it is ideal for dogs with any digestion problems.

Suitable for all adult dogs and breeds, Crave Dog Food Pate is available in a variety of different flavours and can be used in combination with dry food.


Amazon brand – Lifelong Complete Dog Food – Meat in Jelly Selection (24 x 100g)


  • 24 pouches – choice of 4 flavours
  • Developed by pet nutritionists
  • Includes vitamins, protein and fibre for all round health
  • Great budget option

Lifelong Complete Dog Food is an Amazon brand and this pack of 24 pouches x 100g provides great value for a tasty and nutritious dog food.

The pack includes a selection of four different flavours, with each pack containing chunks of meat in jelly.

The food includes fibre to support digestibility, proteins for strong muscles, Vitamin D to support bones and teeth, and Vitamin E to support a strong immune function.

Developed by pet nutritionists and checked by veterinarians, Lifelong Complete Dog Food gets fantastic reviews and is an excellent option for wet dog food.



It is important to make sure that you are feeding your dog good quality food with a high nutritional content that is good for your health.

Just like humans, different dog will prefer different foods to other dogs so it may take some trial and error to find their favourite meal.

However, if you consider all of the factors we have discussed in this post then your dog should enjoy a healthy and varied diet.

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