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If you take your dog out for walks on a rainy day, you’ll know the hassle of drying them up whether you’re using a towel or a hairdryer, let alone the mess they make by shaking the water off!

The best solution to dry up their hair coat is towel coats. In today’s article, we’ll walk you through everything you should know before buying the best dog towel for your pooch.

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The Advantages of Getting Your Dog a Towel Coat

Some people think that drying their dog up with a towel or a hairdryer is good enough for their dogs. However, a dog towel is much more reliable and efficient at doing a towel’s job. Not only that, but it has a wide range of benefits. Let’s have a quick look at them:

Dries the Dog Up Immediately After a Bath

The first and primary reason to opt for a dog towel coat is that it’s specifically designed to dry up your dog immediately after a shower.

Towels, especially the ones made of cotton, will take a much longer time to absorb all the moisture in your dog’s hair coat. 

Additionally, you’ll need to constantly wipe your dog while stabilizing it to fully dry them up, which also requires additional elbow grease.

Dogs are also known to fear all the loud machines in the house. So, if you use a hairdryer for that purpose, it might have a negative impact on your dog’s psychological state.

Protects the Dog from Catching a Cold after a Walk or a Bath

After showers, wet walks, and swimming, water will find its way deep into dogs’ hair coats. This moisture can then make them sick, especially for puppies and senior dogs.

A towel coat can be fastened to stay on and prevent them from catching a cold right after exposure to water. 

Protects Your Carpet and Furniture When Your Dog is Roaming Around

Dogs are not huge fans of water. If they get wet, they’ll shake themselves off to dry. Also, they’ll dry themselves up by rubbing against fabrics.

If you don’t want this kind of mess in your house, putting them in a towel coat will prevent this from happening.

Features of a Good Dog Towell Coat

With so many options on the market, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the variety of dog towels coats out there. 

To help you with the process of picking the ideal one for your pooch, here are some of the most essential features to look for while shopping for one.

Materials Used

Unlike most kinds of dog coats, towel coats are used for a very specific set of purposes. These purposes mainly include drying the dog quickly. 

For that reason, regular waterproof materials, such as polyester and fleece might not be ideal as fabrics for this kind of coat.

Instead, the best materials for towel coat is microfibre and cotton. These materials have a general ability to absorb water and keep the skin and hairs dry.

While cotton and microfibre are the materials of choice for a dog coat. Microfibre is much more absorptive than cotton.

As a rule of thumb, ultra fine microfibre is the typically best type of microfibre out there because it’s the most absorptive one. And the more absorptive the dog towel coat is, the more efficient and quick it’ll get the job done.

Also, keep in mind that a lightweight material is always better because it won’t weigh your dog down or hinders its movement as it soaks up on water.

Besides the materials, make sure that the coat is well stitched at the edges so that it can survive the wear and tear even if your dog is quite active.

Ease of Putting on and off

Pets aren’t accustomed to the idea of wearing outfits. If the coat is a hassle to wear, it might make your dog stressed while wearing it, which makes them fearful and unhappy while having a walk outside.

In the case of dog towel coats with belly coverage, you should make sure that it comes with easy instructions on how to put them on easily because they can get confusing very easily.

Always look for the types that use hook and loop designs and velcro tape to stabilize the coat and prevent them from coming off when your dog is moving around.


A manufacturer won’t be able to make a dog coat for every single dog breed there is. Instead, they make different size options and add various straps at critical points to help you adjust the coat to your dog’s comfort.

For that reason, finding dog coats with an ample range of adjustability usually means a perfect fit for your dog, which translates to a happier and more comfortable dog!

Ease of Cleaning

Dog towel coats are usually used after a dog bath, so the dog is mostly clean while wearing it. In other words, it might take longer than usual before you need to wash and clean the towel coat.

However, as your dog is going around with the bath towel coat, they might come in contact with dirt and debris. 

And even if they don’t, you’ll still need to clean it to make sure that it’s free of germs and bacteria from all the playing around.

Since you’ll eventually need to clean it for whatever reason, you’ll need to make sure that the coat is easy to clean.

The ideal dog coat will be versatile enough to be washable either by hand or by tossing it in a washing machine.


One of the most critical aspects of dog clothing items related to comfort is its size. If you pick a coat that’s too large for the dog, the coat might come off while you’re outside, and the cold shock might get the dog sick.

On the flip side, a coat that is too small won’t only hinder the dog’s movement, but it’ll also discourage them from wearing the towel coat, which defeats the purpose of using it.

Since dog breeds vary significantly in size, many dog manufacturers will make their dog towel coats in a variety of sizes and allow adjustability using drawstrings and velcro tapes.

Make sure that the towel coat you go for provides a decently snug fit. Moreover, remember to follow the manufacturer’s sizing guide to find the corresponding size for your dog.

After measuring your dog’s body dimensions, if you find your dog’s sizing between two measurements, it’s recommended that you go for the larger one for comfort unless recommended otherwise by the seller.

Top 5 Dog Towel Coats Available on the Market

Now that you have a better background of the benefits of having a towel coat as well as the necessary features in a decent one, we’ve compiled this review list of the 5 best options on the market to save you the hassle of checking every single item out there yourself.

UOMIO Dog Microfibre Towell Coat


  • Coverage extends through the dog belly and neck
  • Premium quality microfibre
  • Available in 5 different sizes
  • Has an adjustable velcro tape for optimum fit

The UOMIO dog towel coat is one of the market’s most popular dog towel coat options for all good reasons. 

This one is made of premium grade microfibre, which allows the towel coat to absorb as much moisture as possible in the shortest period of time.

The coat also has decent coverage over the dog’s body that extends even to the belly thanks to the adjustable belly strap. Moreover, it’s available in 5 different size options, ranging from small (43 cm) to xx large (74 cm).

Also, the neck region is covered all the way to the dog’s ears to keep the dog’s head comfortable and well insulated against the wind. The coat is available in red and purple. But keep in mind that the coat’s red is quite orange than standard red.


PETTOM Dog Drying Towell Coat


  • Lightweight even after absorbing water
  • Highly adjustable
  • Fits a wide range of medium sized dogs
  • Available in a variety of colours

Next up we have the PETTOM Dog Drying Towel Coat. This one is made of ultra fine microfibre, which offers an outstanding level of moisture absorption when compared to regular microfibre and cotton.

The towel is significantly lightweight, which makes it easy to pack along and won’t weigh your dog down when it absorbs the water.

Another thing you need to know about this towel coat is that it’s an ideal pick if you have a medium-sized dog.

The towel drying coat is available in small, medium, large, and x large, ranging from a back length of 35 cm to 64 cm. 

It comes with a neck and chest adjustable magic tape that makes it easy to wear and take off.


Aoweika Dog Bathrobe Towel Coat 


  • Affordable
  • Simple design to put on and off
  • Includes adjustable belt / strap for dog’s waist

If you’re on a budget, this one offers excellent quality and absorbtivity without costing you a lot of money!

The Aoweika Dog towel coat is made of ultra-fine microfibre material. This makes it quite smooth and hypoallergenic to most dogs. 

One of the best things about this model is its availability in a wide variety of size options. The Aoweika dog towel coat ranges from the small size that is ideal to small puppies and even cats all the way up to the x large size that is suitable for relatively large breeds.

The towel is available in blue, grey, and brown, and has a lovely dog paw print that makes it easily identifiable.

These colours might fade off at first. However, after the first few washes, the colour will stabilize and won’t bleed away the pigments any further.


Arcadian Dog Bathrobe Dog Towel


  • Consists of lightweight and absorbent microfibre
  • Easy to use and fasten securely
  • Available in a range of sizes and colours

The towel is remarkably simple in terms of design and won’t require intensive instructions on how to use it or put it on. The Arcadian dog towel is also very affordable in terms of price!

It consists of lightweight, super absorbent and quick drying microfibre. The material works to quickly pull moisture away from the fur and will hold 8 x its own weight in water.

The softness of the towel coat makes it a very calming experience that dogs love, all the while drying them up in the shortest time possible.

This makes the towel coat extremely versatile. You can use the towel for various purposes, such as wet walks, after baths and swimming, as well as a towel to dry up your dog.

All you have to do is apply the towel from the centre over the length of your dog and use the adjustable belt to fasten the towel coat around the waist of your doggie.

The Arcadian Dog Towell is great value and available in a range of colours and sizes.


HAPPY HACHI Dog Bathrobe


  • Made of high quality microfibre which is warm and soft
  • Perfect for small dogs
  • Includes hook & loop drawstring design
  • Easily washed

Last but not least, we have the Happy Hachi Dog Bathrobe. This dog coat is easy to wash and safe for the washing machine as well as hand washing.

This coat is also made from microfibre, so it is comfortable and durable as well as quick drying.

The soft edge binding also makes the towel coat quite soft on the dog’s skin all the while improving its resistance against wear and tear.

The towel coat is fortified by extra stitching on the edges to improve the fabric’s durability and longevity no matter how active your dog is. 

Although we would’ve loved it if the towel coat was available in more colours, these ones are bright, vibrant, and won’t fade away after multiple washes.


There you have it! A complete guide with everything you need to know before buying a dog towel coat.

As you can see, buying a towel coat is essential whether you want to keep your dog or puppy dry, or you don’t want them to rub their wet hair coat against carpets and furniture.

Any of our selections above will do a very good job, although our favourite is the OIMIO Highly Absorbent Dog Microfibre Coat.

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