Fleece Dog Harness

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In the market for a comfortable yet reliable harness for your beloved dog? Then you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we’re sharing a comprehensive guide on how to choose the right fleece dog harness for your pet.

We have reviewed our favourite products later on, but if you in a hurry then check out our easy to use guide below.

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How to Choose the Best Fleece Dog Harness

When shopping for a fleece dog harness, you need to consider a few factors before purchasing to make sure you land the right option. The following are the most important features to keep in mind:


Different dogs have different needs, which is why you should figure out the most suitable style for your puppy to keep it happy and healthy. There are two main styles to pick from:

Standard harness

The standard harness is the most common type of harness among dog owners. It’s designed to evenly distribute the force of the leash across the dog’s chest and back.

This often works well for smaller dogs, but it’s not the ideal style option for a larger breed because it lets them pull hard against the leash.

No-pull harness

This style of harness is great for larger breeds and dogs with pulling issues. This harness is designed to tighten slightly when a dog pulls, with the pressure applied under the dog’s front armpits instead of their neck.

Upon sensing this force, the dog will stop pulling because it’s uncomfortable. You do need to pay special attention to the fit if you opt for a no-pull harness.

Also, regularly check for signs of rubbing or irritation since this style of harness can sometimes cause pinching.

We have reviewed our favourite no-pull dog harnesses in a separate article.

Mode of Connection

Next, you should narrow down your fleece dog harness choices by deciding where to connect the leash to the harness depending on your pooch. There are two main types to choose from:

Back clip dog harness

This is the most common type of connection in dog harnesses. As you can tell by the name, you fasten the lead to a hook located above the dog’s back.

A back clip harness has a distinct advantage over traditional dog collars because it doesn’t apply any pressure on your pet’s neck whenever you pull back on the lead.

So, if your dog has a sensitive trachea, you’re better off using a back clip harness to avoid causing it any discomfort. Just make sure to position the front straps at the dog’s chest, not at its neck.

Additionally, a back clip harness can be a good pick if your pet tends to wiggle out of its collar. Take care though, if your dog suddenly pulls on this harness, you’ll be pulled along due to the ‘sled dog effect’.

Back clip dog harnesses aren’t meant to correct the behavior of a rebellious dog that keeps pulling on walks. For such cases, front clip harnesses are the better choice.

Front clip dog harness 

Here, you attach the lead on a front clip harness located at the dog’s chest. This type of harness is especially common among trainers because it can help to improve a dog’s behavior by reducing its desire to pull (accompanied by the right teaching methods).

When you pull back on the lead, the positioning of the front clip will gently force your pet to turn its head towards you. This comes in handy when you want to distract your barking buddy from the sight of something scary or steer it away from a certain hazard.

Keep in mind that your pooch may get its legs tangled with the lead due to the clip’s placement on the dog’s chest. This depends on your dog’s personality and walking style, but if it happens, you should try a shorter lead.


The size and fit of a fleece dog harness vary according to the style and connection. In any case, you should accurately measure your dog’s rib cage before you make a decision.

Double-check the measurements and the product details to make sure you’re buying the right size. If the harness is too tight, it can be painful. If it’s too loose, the dog can wiggle out of its restraints.


One of the main features that makes a fleece dog harness stand out from a standard harness is the extra warmth that the fleece padding provides.

It is worth considering that dog breeds with short hair are more comfortable in padded harnesses as they help minimize rubbing and skin irritation. Not to mention, padding also adds an extra flair that makes your dog look more stylish.

Fleece Dog Harness Reviews

Check out our reviews of our top 4 fleece dog harnesses currently available.

Cosydogs Fleece Dog Harness

  • Very comfortable soft fleece harness
  • Fully adjustable with non-slip adjusters
  • Easy to put on
  • Available in several different colours

Our top choice is the Cosydogs Fleece Dog Harness.

This harness is made in Lancaster and is highly recommended as it provides warmth and comfort while also being strong and light.

It is easy to fit with side clips, which means that there is no lifting and putting the dogs leg through to fit it in.

We have pictured the black version of this harness which is the most popular colour, but it is also available in several other colours including blue and red.

A padded and comfortable harness which will be a great choice for most dogs.


Hunter Racing Norweigan Harness for Dogs


  • Features a soft fleece lining
  • Great for sport as well as casual use
  • Includes reflective strip
  • Can be used with hunter freestyle lead

The Hunter Racing Norweigan harness for dogs features a soft fleece lining to protect your pet’s coat. It also helps keep your puppy comfortable during walks by avoiding friction and reducing irritation.

The reflective strip ensures that your dog is visible to traffic, effectively keeping you and your dog safe in low light conditions such as night walks.

Additionally, this harness is easy to put on your pet, ideally paired with Hunter freestyle lead. It also has a soft padded neck and shoulder area to boost your dog’s comfort.

Available in 7 colors and 5 sizes, this fleece dog harness is suitable for both sport and casual use.


Trixie Premium Harness with Fleece Padding


  • High quality brand
  • Fleece padding provides comfort
  • Fully adjustable stomach strap
  • Available in several different colours

Trixie is known for making high-quality products, and this dog harness is no exception. It’s durable, with extra thick nylon straps to provide more comfort and control.

It comes with fully adjustable stomach straps to help you secure a proper fit for your pet. The fleece padding is very soft to ensure minimal friction and discomfort.

The Trixie Premium Harness with Fleece Padding is available in multiple sizes and colours, but this particular one is suitable for smaller breeds such as Dackel and Jack Russell Terrier.


Lanyarco Warm Fleece No Pulling Vest Pet Harness


  • Lined with soft warm fleece
  • Suitable for smaller dog breeds
  • Includes sturdy D-ring for leash attachment

This adorable fleece dog harness from Lanyarco is a no-pulling style. It can help improve your pet’s walking behavior while keeping it looking stylish.

It’s lined with soft fleece to provide warmth and comfort. It’s also light-weight and breathable, made with 100% polyester material.

Featuring a sturdy D-ring for leash attachment, this fleece dog harness comes in beige and purple colours.


A good quality fleece dog harness can keep your dog warm as well as providing all the usual functions of a good quality harness.

With plenty of good quality harnesses to choose from, you should be able to find one to suit you and your dog’s needs.

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