Luxury Dog Beds

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A luxury dog bed is a real treat for your dog. We all know that dogs love to sleep, with the average dog spending between 12-14 hours a day snoozing away.

This means that it is really important they are comfortable, to make sure your dog is happy and healthy and ready to maximise and have fun during the time they are awake.

There are some fantastic luxury dog beds now available, and we have reviewed our favourites later on in this article.

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Benefits of a Luxury Dog Bed

A good quality luxury dog bed will not only provide comfort, it will be a safe and secure place that your dog will enjoy spending time in.

Security is very important for dogs, so if they have somewhere warm and comfortable they can call their own then this will increase their well-being. Some beds cater specifically for reducing anxiety and we have reviewed these in our article on the best calming dog beds.

A side benefit of your dog having their own luxury dog bed is that they are less likely to spend time sleeping on the sofa or on other pieces of furniture in your house. This means you are less likely to have dog hair to clean up and a tidier and more hygienic home.

What to look for in a Luxury Dog Bed

Material and Comfort

Comfort is probably the most important factor when choosing a luxury dog bed. Just like humans, dogs like to get warm and cosy in bed so make sure the bed that you select includes soft and fluffy material that they will enjoy sleeping on!

One of our favourite luxury dog beds is the AllPet Solutions Alfie Range bed. This bed has a fleece lining for warmth and is stuffed with plush cotton for comfort so this makes for a nice warm and comfortable bed.

There is also a growing range of orthopedic dog beds, which are great for older dogs as they promise to offer extra support to dog’s bones and joints. One of our recommendations is the JOYELF Orthopedic Foam Dog Bed, as this is filled with memory foam for maximum comfort.

The material that your bed is made from is also important as you need your bed to last for a while if you are going to invest in it. Some materials, like wicker dog beds will last longer as they are sturdier and the best beds will be hand made.

Style and Design

Luxury Dog Beds can come in various shapes and sizes. Some beds, like the On Paws Sleep Well Lounger take the shape of a traditional dog bed, with open sides and soft and comfortable interior.

Other options for luxury cat beds include heated dog beds or bean bag dog beds, and for something completely different you could try a luxury dog sofa so that your dog really sleeps in style!

Whichever type of bed you choose, it goes without saying that you should select a bed that blends with the decor of the rest of your home.


One important factor when it comes to all dog beds is that it should be washable. Dog beds can get very dirty and clogged up with hair, which means any luxury dog bed you choose should be easy to wash and keep clean.

This usually means that the cover of the bed or the part of the bed that the dog sleeps on should be easy to remove and wash in the machine. It is recommended that you wash your dog bed on a regular basis.


Luxury Dog Beds are very affordable, and a good quality bed can be acquired for as little as £15 – £20. 

Some beds from premium manufacturers will be more expensive, and one of our recommendations is the Pawhut Plush Fur Sofa which will set you back just over £50.

Best Luxury Dog Beds

We’ve searched though many of the luxury dog beds currently available, and chosen five different beds to compare.

Have a look through our reviews to find the best luxury dog bed for you and your pet.

AllPet Solutions Alfie Range Fleece Bed

  • Fleece lining and plush cotton stuffing for comfort
  • High sides for security and warmth
  • Reversible cushion
  • 100% machine washable

This luxury dog bed combines a fleece lining with plush cotton stuffing for warmth, comfort and security.

It is suitable for almost all dog breeds with dimensions of 57 x 52 x 22cm. It is available in several different colours and in 3 different sizes.

Your dog will enjoy resting on the super soft cushion in the interior of the bed, which is reversible and can also be machine washed.

A great choice for an all round luxury dog bed.


JOYELF Orthopedic Dog Bed & Sofa


  • Quality high-density memory foam mattress
  • Non slip rubber backing on the bottom of the bed
  • Available in 4 different sizes
  • Contemporary design

This orthopedic dog bed has a stylish design and provides extra comfort for your dog with a high density memory foam mattress.

This means that the mattress will mould to the shape of your pet’s body, providing extra comfort and support. It can be used by all dogs, but may be particularly suitable for slightly older dogs.

The fabric offers warmth and comfort, and this bed also looks stylish with an open design. The bed also includes rubber backing on the bottom of the bed so that it doesn’t slip.

It is also suitable for dogs with allergies as the memory foam reduces the presence of dust mites.

A very good choice for a luxury orthopedic dog bed.

OnPaws Sleep Well Lounger

  • Open design
  • Available in 5 different sizes
  • Sturdy exterior walls for support
  • Super soft padded interior

This luxury dog bed has sturdy and reinforced exterior walls and a soft interior, making it an ideal place for your dog to settle down for the night.

The bed is extremely durable, as the outer cover has been DuPont Teflon coated to help repel water, oil and stains. It also includes an anti-slip mesh on the bottom to prevent slipping.

It is available in 3 different colours, all of which look very stylish and are completely with the OnPaws paw logo. With 4 different sizes to choose from, all dog breeds should be catered for.


Pawhut Plush Fur Dog Sofa


  • Your dog’s very own sofa
  • Bolstered edges
  • Foam filled cushions for comfort

We all know that dogs love sleeping on the sofa, so if you are looking for something completely different then why not buy them their very own piece of furniture with this Pawhut Plush Fur Dog sofa!

Your dog will absolutely love curling up here, with no chance of being thrown off the sofa because they are taking up too much space!

This luxury item is made from a wooden construction, with soft plush fur and bolstered edges to stop your dog from falling off (especially puppies)

This sofa would create a real talking point for your home, and the nicely contoured shape would fit nicely into corner spaces or maybe under a window. 


Bedsure Orthopedic Dog Bed


  • Includes memory foam cushion
  • Open design
  • Easy to maintain
  • Non slip bottom

Our final choice for a luxury dog bed is the Bedsure Orthopedic dog bed.

Similarly to the JOYELF orthopedic bed, this bed includes a memory foam cushion which moulds to the shape of your dog for extra support.

It has a soft, micro-sherpa sleeping surface which is super comfortable and the open design allows for plenty of space for spreading out.

This bed is easy to maintain as the outer cover is made from faux linen fabric which doesn’t stain or easily absorb liquid.

A fine choice for a luxury dog bed for dogs of all ages.


Choose your luxury dog bed well, and it will become an important part of your home where your dog will spend endless hours. It will also free up your beds and furniture and keep them free of cat fur.

With a great selection of luxury dog beds available, in a number of different styles there should be bed to suit your pet and your home.

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