Tweed Dog Coats

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Who doesn’t love seeing their dog in a tweed coat? The answer is no one! These coats are fluffy, warm, and extremely stylish. Aside from this, they’re also highly functional in keeping your pup warm during winter. 

There are some great tweed dog coats available and we have reviewed our favourite products later in this article. If you are in a hurry, you can also use our at-a-glance guide below.

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Features to Consider When Choosing the Best Tweed Dog Coat

If you want to make sure you’re making the right choice, you should make a checklist for features you want to cover. Luckily for you, we’ll tell you every feature you need to consider to get your pup the coat he deserves!

Style and Material

Once you have decided on a tweed dog coat for your pet, the decisions don’t stop there! There are various styles and designs of tweed available, including Country Tweed, Hunter Tweed and Country Check. 

Choose the style which suits your tastes and your dog the best.

Another important factor is the material that the coat is made from. We have provided more detail on this in our article on the best overall dog coats, but in general coats are usually made from polyester, cotton or fleece.

Fleece is generally the best material to keep your dog nice and warm, although cotton is very comfortable and polyester is water resistant and inexpensive.

Convenient Design

There are tweed dog coats available for various shapes, sizes and breeds of different dogs, so the coat that you choose will depend on your dog’s state. Is he a tiny puppy that runs around a lot or an old dog that moves with difficulty? In the second case, you’ll need a coat that’s easy and quick to put on. A coat that requires your dog to step inside it to wear it won’t be convenient. 

On the other hand, if you have a puppy, you’ll need a coat that doesn’t restrict the legs so that he can move around freely.

Machine Washable

We don’t know if anyone told you this, but you’ll be washing your dog’s coat a lot. Pups play around a lot, and they catch dirt on their way. That’s why you should get a coat that’s machine-washable to save yourself the hassle. 

You’ll need to wash it frequently, and using your hands for the process isn’t ideal. It’s always better to leave it to the machine.

Good Fit

For the dog’s coat to be fit, it should be snug against the dog’s body. There shouldn’t be any gaps between his skin and the coat, and the material shouldn’t be tight up to the point that it’s restricting the dog’s movement. 

If any of these happens, your dog will be uncomfortable, and he’ll eventually hate the coat and fuss when wearing it. So, making sure the coat has a good fit is essential for your peace of mind.

Waterproof Tweed Dog Coats

Dogs like to get out whatever the weather, so ensuring that your dog coat is waterproof is almost essential. 

The best tweed dog coats will provide some protection against the weather, keeping your dog dry as well as warm. This is one of the features of the Danish Design Tweed Padded Dog Coat which is our top recommendation.

If you get out in the wet a lot, check out our reviews of dog towel coats.

Tweed Dog Coat Reviews

Choosing coats for dogs isn’t an easy mission. In the end, your dog won’t be able to express his opinion, so you need to consider every tiny detail. Here’s a roundup of the four best coats on the market.

Danish Design Tweed Padded Coat


  • Stylish tweed design ideal for town or country
  • Fleece lining inside for warmth
  • Slit for harness
  • Nine sizes available

Our top choice for a tweed dog coat is the Danish Design Tweed Padded Coat.

This coat is affordable, warm, and durable. It fulfils everything you’d want in a winter coat for your pup. It’s beautifully made with a sleek navy edge and a collar to keep your dog’s neck warm.

There’s a padded fleece lining inside the coat to preserve your dog’s body temperature. In extreme weather conditions, this lining can prove pretty useful. 

The coat comes with straps that are pretty easy to fasten. They wrap around your dog’s belly to avoid coming off when he’s running around. There’s also a slit in the coat for the harness.

The Danish Design coat fits all dogs, thanks to the nine sizes it’s available in. On top of that, it’s waterproof, so it stays durable for the longest time possible.

Lastly, the Danish coat is pretty affordable compared to similar options. Considering that it has everything you may be looking for, we’d say it’s quite the bargain.


Weatherbeeta Tweed Dog Coat

  • Fun twist on a classic design
  • Fleece interior lining
  • A full belly and chest closure
  • Machine washable

The Weatherbeeta tweed coat features a timeless, classic design that’s stylish enough to turn heads when you’re walking your dog! The coat comes in an attractive navy colour with white lines and a blue edge.

The outer material of the coat is high-quality tweed, and its interior is made of fleece lining that’s responsible for keeping your dog warm in the cold. The coat has a wrap-around design that fits snug against the dog’s chest and belly.

The collar is large, giving the coat a modern edge over other purely classic designs. Additionally, it’ll keep your dog’s neck warm during the freezing cold.

There’s a hole in the coat for the leash, so you face no hassle fastening it to the dog. We’d have preferred for the coat to be available in more colours, but the navy colour is still pretty stylish.

Some reviews have mentioned that this coat isn’t shower or waterproof so this is worth bearing in mind.


Rydale Country Pet Stylish Dog Coat


  • British made
  • Adjustable elastic straps
  • Wool collar
  • Quality tweed fabric

There’s no tweed dog coat on the market that looks better than this one! Rydale made it for the style-conscious pups, and they outdid themselves. The coat features a country-style design with traditional shades of green, brown, and navy.  

It’s made of premium tweed and adorned by soft, elastic body straps. The soft material accounts for a comfortable experience for your dog to avoid irritating his skin. Additionally, there’s top-notch sherpa fleece lining on the coat’s inside to preserve your dog’s body temperature and keep him warm.

The Rydale coat comes in six sizes to fit most dogs and four colours to match different tastes. The collar is also made of fluffy wool that looks pretty stylish against the rural shades of the coat.

If you prefer a quilted coat to protect your dog from the rain, there’s a quilted model available from this coat in a trendy grey colour.


Country Pet Tweed Dog Coat


  • Stylish tweed with check pattern
  • Super soft faux sheepskin material
  • Includes hole for collar
  • Machine washable

This stylish dog coat from Country Pet is another great option for a tweed dog coat.

It has an elegant and stylish design, with a check pattern included in the green tweed.

This coat will keep your dog warm as it is made from super soft faux sheepskin. It is easy to adjust for a snug fit and is available in several different sizes to cater for most breeds of dog.


Gor Pets Kensington Coat Tweed Check


  • Green tweed with check pattern
  • Lightly padded for warmth
  • Stylish figure hugging design
  • Available in 6 different sizes

Our final choice is the Gor Pets Kensington Coat with Tweed Check.

This coat also comprises green tweed with a check pattern, with the design inspired by the stylish London borough of Kensington.

It has a figure hugging design, and should provide a snug fit for your dog with adjustable velcro panels.

A fine dog coat that would look great whether you are out and about in town or country/


A tweed dog coat can help your dog to look stylish as well as keep warm and dry.

All of the coats we have reviewed have many benefits, but our favourite is the Danish Design Tweed Padded Coat. It is affordable, warm and looks great!

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