Waterproof Dog Coat with Underbelly

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A dog coat is more than just a dress-up item. In fact, it can be the difference between a happy and an uncomfortable dog.

If your area is struck with a lot of rain and puddles of splashy water, you may want to invest in a waterproof dog coat with an underbelly to keep them fully protected against the harsh weather. 

However, finding the best waterproof dog coat options might not be as easy as it sounds with all the options on the market.

But worry no more! Because today, we’ll walk you through a complete waterproof dog coat with an underbelly guide. 

We have reviewed our favourite products in detail later in this article, but if you are in a hurry you can use our at-a-glance guide below/

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Why Would You Need a Dog Coat with Underbelly

A good dog coat has lots of benefits, but there are various reasons why your dog needs a dog coat with an underbelly. These advantages include:

  • Your dog seems obviously discouraged to go out in the winter despite loving going out in the summer
  • Your dog shivers from cold weather when you go out
  • Your dog is sick or injured
  • Your dog’s breed can’t stand the extremely cold Weather
  • Your dog is a puppy or a senior dog that has reduced resistance to cold

What Are the Most Critical Features of a Dog Coat with Underbelly?

The Construction Fabric

The materials used in making the dog coat with underbelly coverage is easily the first thing you need to consider.

Since you’re going for a dog cut with an underbelly, your dog probably needs extra coverage and protection against the cold weather. 

For that reason, you should consider a thick weave material, such as cotton, fleece, nylon, or polyester.

The best dog coat will have a blend of these fabrics. For example, cotton makes for a perfect interlayer because it stores warmth and keeps your furry friend warm and comfortable.

Fleece is a great innermost layer because it’s quite smooth, which is ideal to keep your dog comfortable, especially if they have sensitive skin.

Polyester is a synthetic material, which makes it highly affordable. It’s also great for outer shells because it wicks the moisture and protects the dog from getting wet.

Weather Insulation and Protection

The insulation against the weather is one of the most essential features of a dog’s coat. However, the underbelly part is often overlooked by many models.

If you live in a rainy area where puddles of water are formed after rain, this water will splash as your dog passes by it, making it quite wet. 

This is why it’s quite essential to find a dog coat that offers decent coverage on their legs and underbellies.

Moreover, some designs will also add an extended collar to cover the necks and keep them warm.

Your Dog’s Comfort

Of course, the smoothness and softness of the dog coat are quite essential for it to become a comfortable one. However, there are other features and criteria that also define comfort while picking a waterproof dog coat with an underbelly.

Waterproof coats mean polyester shells. These shells can easily trap the heat and cause the dog to overheat. It’s extremely essential for the coat to have a breathable design that will prevent that.

Also, the sizing is quite essential for the dog’s comfort. If you pick a coat that’s too large for the dog, the coat might come off while you’re outside, and the cold shock might get the dog sick.

On the other hand, a coat that is too small won’t only hinder the dog’s movement, but it’ll also discourage them from wearing the coat and going outside, defeating the purpose of the coat.

Make sure that the coat provides a decently snug fit, and follow the manufacturer’s sizing guide to find the corresponding size for your dog. If you’re confused between two measurements, it’s recommended that you go for the larger one.

Top 5 Best Waterproof Dog Coat with an Underbelly on the Market

In the following section, you’ll find quick reviews of the 5 best waterproof dog coats with underbellies options that you can find on the shelves.

Dociote Waterproof Dog Coat with Underbelly


  • Waterproof and Windproof 
  • Extra fleece lining
  • Reflective and versatile
  • Easy to put on and off

The Dociote waterproof dog coat is our favourite as it is warm, stylish and has an all-important underbelly.

The coat is easy to put on and highly adjustable with touch tape closures. Also, it comes in 3 different large sizes, making it a perfect fit for relatively large dogs.

The design of the coat offers excellent coverage that extends to the belly and the neck, which allows for added warmth, and therefore, a more comfortable walk in the rain.

The coat is pretty versatile when it comes to cleaning. You can clean it whether you’re using a washing machine or manually.

Dociote dog coat features a reflective strip that makes the dog clearly visible at night and also has a top opening to let you use a harness along with the coat.




  • Specially designed for small and medium dogs
  • Breathable design prevents overheating
  • Triple fabric construction to balance between comfort and insulation
  • Allows ease of movement

The IREENUO dog coat is another great option that comes at a great price and offers excellent protection against the wind and rain, all the while keeping your dog warm and comfortable.

This one is ideal for southern winter, as it has minimal coverage and protects the dog from overheating. It’s also a great choice if your dog is a small or medium-sized breed.

Although the coat lacks an opening for the harness, it’s still slim-cut enough to fit the harness over the coat without any problems.

The coat is made of an internal fleece lining that is soft to touch with a cotton interlayer to insulate your dog’s body and keep it warm.

Lastly, it has an outer waterproof shell that will resist rain and keep your dog dry while having a walk through puddles of rainwater.


UMI. Essential Lightweight Reflective Dog Raincoat with Hood

  • Specifically designed to resist rainwater
  • Includes hood for additional protection
  • Features a reflective trim
  • Fully adjustable

The UMI. Essential Dog raincoat is another great option that comes at a great price and offers excellent protection against the rain and wind, all the while keeping your dog comfortable and warm.

What makes this one unique is that it comes with an extra hood to extend the protection to the dog’s head.

The coat is easy to put on and highly adjustable with adhesive sticky tapes on the underbelly for a perfect fit.

Also, it comes in 6 different size options, which makes it compatible with a wide variety of dog breeds, whether they’re large or small.


Idepet Waterproof Dog Coat Winter Warm Jacket


  • Excellent choice for larger dogs
  • The design is aesthetically pleasing and looks great on dogs
  • Available in 4 vibrant colours

The Idepet Waterproof Coat is ideal for relatively large dogs. The design of the coat makes it quite easy to wear and the manufacturers offer 6 different size options for the coat ranging from x large to 6x large.

The fabric is made of a blend of cotton and polyester with a soft inner layer, which offers both softness and insulation against the weather. Another cool aspect of the dog coat is that it looks quite lovely on dogs.

The fabric is also waterproof to keep your dog’s body dry under the rain. Additionally, the coat has a reflective strip and a top traction hole under the label to allow you to use a harness on the dog.


Hurtta Casula Quilted Overall Dog Coat


  • The design is excellent for slender and tall dog breeds like whippets and greyhounds
  • Ideal if you’re looking for full coverage, including the legs
  • The fabric is comfortable for dogs and doesn’t produce loud noises while moving around

If you own a hairless dog and the winters are extremely harsh and snowy in your area, a regular dog coat with an underbelly might not be enough for your doggie. In that case, you’ll also need to cover the legs.

The overall style of the Hurtta Casual Quilted dog coat is a great fit for this criteria. This one is made of quilted pattern fabrics with durable stitching to stand the test of time. 

The fabric also keeps your dog warm and protected from splashes of water and thick snow, all thanks to extended coverage that reaches the dog’s legs and the water-resistant outer shell.


This wraps things up for our guide to buy the best waterproof dog coat with underbelly coverage on the market.

There are some excellent coats available catering for all weathers, but our overall choice is the Dociote Waterproof Dogs Coat with Underbelly.

This one is easy to put on and off, highly adjustable, and comes with a harness opening to walk your dog on a leash while they’re wearing the coat!

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